Book Tour Part 1

Thank you to everyone in the Midwest who came to see me during the first leg of my book tour. I was overwhelmed by the joy, good wishes, and love for Her Dying Day.

It was scary at first to speak about Her Dying Day, especially in front of my past teachers who had seen me give a multitude of book reports and routinely graded my writing. And in front of people who knew me back when I knocked my front two teeth out. (Baby teeth. Nothing serious, only mildly embarrassing and immortalized in every photo for the next 2 years.) But I everyone liked what I had to say and I got many, many hugs which was amazing.

As amazing signing hundreds of my books.

As amazing as these shoe cookies my friend Nikole made for me!

As amazing as hearing everyone who has read it *loves* Her Dying Day.

(And if you want to hear what inspired Her Dying Day, but can’t make it to one of my book talks Beaverdale Books livestreamed my conversation with fellow author Kali White.)

People have also started finding the little Easter egg I put into the book, which is fun. What is it? Now, that would be telling, but it’s not hard to find.

I’ve also been asked repeatedly, “Is there another book about June in the works?”

The short answer is not yet. I have ideas for exploring more of June’s childhood, other romantic relationships, and murder suspects, but nothing is concrete yet. However, if you do want to read more from me—about June or some other fun characters I’m currently writing about—the best way to help make that happen is to do one or all of the following:

  • Write a 5-star review. It can be on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads,, or wherever you are buying your books.
  • Tell 5 friends about Her Dying Day. The more books people buy, the more books I get to write.
  • Make 5 posts on social media featuring my book cover. You can use the image at the bottom of the newsletter. People can’t buy the book if they don’t know it exists.
  • Ask your local library and bookstore to carry Her Dying Day. Libraries and local, independent bookstores are the lifeblood of every writer. They are safe harbors for independent thought and bastions of knowledge.

People are asking “what’s next?” Well, I have four more book tour engagements. Two in Colorado and two in the Bay Area of California. I would love to see you there. After that I’m back to working on a novel I’m really excited about, and I can’t wait for you to read.

I am so happy to be back and celebrating the fourth of July with my family. We’ll be having crabs, steak, fizzy drinks of non- and full-alcoholic varieties, and watching the fireworks. We finished Kenobi today (loved it), and I can’t wait to start on the second half of Stranger Things. What are your plans for the 4th? Send me an email and let me know.

Happy 4th!


You can order my book at Swamp Fox Books, an independent, family-owned  book store! Or Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any of your local bookstores, but if you order from Swamp Fox you get a signed bookplate and a cool bookmark.

2 responses to “Book Tour Part 1”

  1. Lori (Kelly) Nus Avatar
    Lori (Kelly) Nus

    I recently bought your book to read on the plane to CO. You are an incredible wordsmith & talent. I am your Dad, Jack’s, first cousin living in the Philadelphia suburbs. Jack’s Mom, Loretta, and my Dad, Lloyd, were siblings. So proud of you, Mindy! Let me know if you are ever in Doylestown, PA on tour. Love, Lori (Kelly) Nus


    1. Thank you so, so much! It makes me so happy that you love my novel. I will definitely let you know. I’m only 2 hours away.


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