Her Dying Day

Available June 7, 2022

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“Charming … twisty plot delivers more than one surprise.” ~ Publishers Weekly

“Her Dying Day is an intriguing, fast-paced, voice-driven mystery with an amateur filmmaker who’s trying to solve a two-decades old suspected murder. This story is packed with twists and turns galore to keep you guessing, and you can’t help but root for June as she tries to untangle, and gets caught up in, an intricate web of lies.” ~ Hannah Mary McKinnon, bestselling author of You Will Remember Me

“A fast-paced, twisty, stunning mystery that absolutely delivers.” ~ Darby Kane, author of The Replacement Wife

“Deliciously entertaining from the attention-grabbing first sentence to the last.” ~ Kali White, author of The Monsters We Make

“Slick, sophisticated, and fun, this one absolutely sparkles.” ~ Emily Carpenter, author of The Honeysuckle Girls and The Weight of Lies

Aspiring filmmaker June Masterson has high hopes for her first documentary, the true story of the disappearance of famed mystery author Greer Larkin. June learned about the vanishing at age fourteen, locked down on her family’s isolated commune. Now, the deeper she digs into the project, the darker the story gets.

Everyone has a theory. Greer’s mother, Blanche, and her best friend, Rachel, believe that Greer’s fiancée, Jonathan, is the culprit. Greer’s agent is convinced that Greer committed suicide after a debilitating bout of writer’s block. And Jonathan claims it was either Greer’s controlling mother or Rachel, whose attachment to Greer went way beyond friendship.

In desperation, Rachel gives June a suitcase full of Greer’s most personal writings in hopes of finding proof against Jonathan. Then Rachel turns up dead. As June pores over Greer’s writings, she makes a devastating discovery that could finally reveal the truth about the author’s fate. But now, June finds herself in the sights of a killer who’ll stop at nothing to keep their darkest secret.

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Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Swamp Fox Bookstore

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I’m so exited to be sharing this with you. This moment has been two years in the making and most of you have been with me through it all. Thank you for all your support and I can’t wait for you to read Her Dying Day.   

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