18 Days to Launch

I feel like I’m about to be loaded into a cannon. Launch day (pun not intended, but completely embraced) is just 18 days away. My walls are covered with gigantic, easel paper sized post-it notes which, in turn, look like they’ve been shotgunned with traditionally-sized post-it notes. Each note has tasks to complete before either my book launches or before I go on my book tour. I have 4 calendars on the go and I’m decompressing by looking at Converse sneakers and listening to the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial.

But what is so, so exciting is that I can announce who the narrator of my audiobook is!

Hillary Huber!

She has recorded over 500 audiobooks in all kinds of genres and is a multiple Audie Award finalist, multiple Earphone Award winner, Voice Arts Awards winner and one of Audiofile Magazine’s best voices. Some of her audiobooks are My Evil Mother, by Margaret Atwood, Pretty Things, by Janelle Brown, and One Step Too Far, by Lisa Gardner (who I interviewed for The Big Thrill for this book).

After she was done recording, I asked Hillary what three things were she loved about Her Dying Day. Here’s what she said:

Her Dying Day had me at the first sentence!

Flawed and irreverent, but determined and undaunted, Pear Blossom/June was such a fun character to give voice to.

This book is full of twists and surprises that will keep the listeners guessing.

Hillary Huber, audiobook artist

Also, the Goodreads Giveaway has begun! It will finish at midnight on May 24th. It would be a huge help if you can share this link on your social media outlets. The more people decide to sign up for the Her Dying Day giveaway (and/or preorder) the better chance I have at the Goodreads algorithm putting my novel on their “Best Reads” and “Books to Watch For” lists.

I hope you can come to one of my book events. I’d love to thank you in person for all your support during these last few months. I will also be having a raffle bag of goodies at some of my events. What is something you’d love to find inside a bag?

My Tour Schedule!

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