Word for 2021

There are many words I could use to describe 2021. Fraught. Joyous. Ulcer-inducing. Satisfying. Awful. Perfect.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

However, I’m writing today about my Word of the Year. It’s a word with meanings and qualities I’d like to focus on or have as goals fro the coming year. Like a list of New Year’s Resolutions encompassed into a single word.

I’ve picked one for the last few years and in 2021 my word was PRACTICE. I meant it in all the ways.

I needed to remind myself I wasn’t perfect and didn’t have to be an expert on writing–or anything, really–in order to enjoy doing it. I wanted to build a writing practice. Practice my craft and the routine of writing or editing everyday. Practice makes proficient, after all. Practice also makes permanent. Habits are formed from dedicated practice.

I feel like I did that. I write or edit every day. I finished my book Her Dying Day (coming June 7, 2022) as well as finished and submitted a second book tentatively named Reunion to a publisher. As of this weekend, I hope to be finished with the first edit of my third book.

All this comes from writing every day. Sometimes that means doing a lot. Sometimes it doesn’t. I have a day job and I’m the mom of two kids. Plus I volunteer tow days a week for a local animal rescue. My schedule is full. But I always find time to write and most of the time I hit my writing goals for the day.

Through practicing I built a writing practice.

I’m still mulling over my Word for 2022. I have it narrowed down to two. I’ll let you know which one won next month. I have a lot I want to accomplish next year. I need a word to remind that no matter how complicated things get, I’ve got this.

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