I was on the #AmWriting Podcast

You. Guys. I was on a podcast. Not just any podcast, but a podcast I’ve been listening to since I first decided I wanted to take this whole “writing thing” seriously. The #AmWriting Podcast with KJ Dell’Antonia, Jessica Lahey, and Sarina Bowen.

The hosts are successful writers in their own right in different genres of the industry who guide other writers at various stages of their careers by sharing their own publishing and writing stories and by asking other writers to come onto the show to share their own experiences. Today, I was one of those writers.

To say I’m over the moon about this is accurate. As I say in the podcast, I started listening to them while I lived in Switzerland. Their voices were with me as I was whisked past the Swiss Alps in trains and trams, inspiring me to keep honing my craft, to keep writing that book knocking around in my head.

That book went into a drawer, read only by two people who will never speak of it again.

The next book, however, became HER DYING DAY.

And now you get to hear about one of the steps along the way to publication. (Which will be June 7, 2022. Preorder now.)

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