The First Rule of Book Submission is You Don’t Talk about Book Submission

I won’t be able to talk much about my book situation right now. No matter where I actually am in the process of getting a deal, my book is still “Under Submission” to editors until a contract is signed and Publisher’s Weekly has made the announcement of the deal.

Submissions themselves can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a year or more. Even when you accept an editor’s offer you only have a “handshake” deal. Nothing is final until everyone has signed the contract. In blood. (Not really, but also kind of really.) Getting to the signature step can also take 2 or so months. There are details the need to be hammered out. I have no idea what these details would be, but my agent does and that’s why I’m very grateful to have her.

Submissions is a sort of limbo. Querying is a quest. You’re doing something. You’re in control of what you send out and to whom. With submissions there’s a lot of email refreshing and checking your phone to make sure you haven’t accidentally missed a call. I’ve never been more conscious of where my phone is than during submissions. This is why “people” recommend you start writing your next book while you’re querying and then editing under submissions. I’m in a weird spot where I’m writing a new book while under submissions while also editing/rewriting another book.

I also have baby kitties to keep my busy. A little unorthodox in the advice for keeping yourself occupied, but satisfying nonetheless.

The Bridgetons: Daphne, Eloise, and Benedict
Really good distractions

It does keep my mind somewhat occupied, but being Under Submission is a bit like being 42 weeks pregnant and waiting for that first contraction. Are you coming? Any time now. I’m ready. Please? Maybe if I went for a bumpy car ride or ate some pepperoni pizza…. The thought that this thing could happen at any moment never leaves your mind.

I’ll keep you updated on the submission front. But even if I had news right now I wouldn’t be able to share it. I have to be patient and keep my mouth shut.

Oh, and for my friends who go waaay back with me and know that I am neither patient nor the greatest secret keeper – I can hear you laughing.

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