Thanksgiving in a Pandemic

Thanksgiving is almost here. While we are doing well–mostly because we’ve been 90% isolated since March–I recognize there are people in our country and our world that are not doing okay. So, here’s a toast of gratitude to all those who are not okay during this pandemic.

Shout out to the extroverts. I see you over there clawing at the walls trying to get human contact–any human contact–that will make you feel human again. I’m available for Facetime.

Here’s to parents trying to work at home while their little kids are crawling all over them, sucking every drop of patience and focus from your bodies. You’re doing awesome.

And to the kids who are missing their friends and finding their parents a poor substitute, we really are trying and we’re sorry you can’t go to your friend’s house.

Applause to the teachers who are valiantly attempting to squish learning and ideas through the internet and directly into the brains of our school-age children. More than you think is sifting into my kids’ brains.

Hugs to the birthday boys and girls. I know that more than anything you’d like to have that big, blow-out bash complete with cake, ice cream, and pizza at the local laser tag emporium. As soon as we’re vaccinated we’ll have one big party.

Kisses to the new parents who had their children during the time of covid. I can’t imagine the joys and anxieties that are swirling around inside you. But you did it. You brought a new human into this world. Go you.

A bow to the doctors and nurses. You’re out there, facing a horrific medical disaster and you are doing it with compassion and humor. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A curtsy to the people working in my grocery store and to all the essential workers that are risking their lives to keep our economy and lives functioning. You were overlooked before, but I think all of us now realize that you are vastly underpaid for doing a job all of rely on everyday.

Hearty hand shakes to everyone who’s suffering from unemployment and financial stress. I see you, too. I see you trying to pay your bills and keep food on your table. You are not forgotten. Your community is there to help you. (And if you’re someone who is in a position to help, please consider calling 2-1-1 to adopt a family in need near you for Christmas. If you are in Maryland, consider giving to The House of Ruth –

A peck on each cheek for the families separated by distance who would normally get together at this time of year, but aren’t. I appreciate you. You are being responsible and trying to do what’s good for the entire country. It stings that others aren’t taking this as seriously, but it’s because of people like you that we’re going to beat this thing. So hang in there and remember that Zoom is free with unlimited time this Thanksgiving.

To everyone else, my fondest wishes to you that you make it through this with your health, sanity, and humor intact. We’re almost there. The vaccine is literally going through the approval process. Just hang on for a little while longer. Things are going to get better.

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