In the Midst of COVID

COVID-19 is here. We are in the thick of it in Maryland. Our governor has just announced we will be at home and schools will be closed until May 15th.

I highly doubt that, come May 16th, we will be free to join crowds, hug strangers, and go back to our favorite restaurants. I think it’s going to be longer than that. A lot longer.

And it will be okay.

Would I like to go out and get sushi with my friends? Or go and see the new Marvel movie in the theater? You bet I would. But there will be other times for that. Right now, we need to listen to the CDC and stay away from each other. COVID-19 is highly dangerous and very deadly. As much as I would like to go back to my parents’ house and use this time as an extended vacation with them, I can’t. It’s too dangerous to their health.

But I have a secret. While my friends are posting about the horrors of having your kids around you 24/7, I have found this time of enforced togetherness a kind of blessing, similar to our time in Switzerland. We had nothing to do, nowhere to go, nowhere we have to rush to be. Instead of rushing, my family has gotten a chance to breathe and just be together. We are playing games, having reading time, adventuring in the unknown of online learning, and getting to experience the regular occurrence of family meal times.

It turns out I like my kids. They are turning into neat people to talk to. I hope they think I’m a pretty good listener with a few cool things to share.

Please stay well and healthy. Be safe and be smart.


4 responses to “In the Midst of COVID”

  1. I am glad to hear someone else has found some pleasure with being home together. We live in a casita on our youngest son Gary’s yard in Scottsdale. They are doing our grocery shopping and errands. Their twin girls are sophomores & soon to be 16yrs. They are preparing a special meal for all of us on Saturday evenings during this time. So we have time to chat, laugh and enjoy being with each other & not in a hurry. Very special!

    Take care!
    Vern & Jo Baldus

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  2. Wow, do you think you’ll go back to school this year? We are online for the rest of the year (Wisconsin). In some ways I have trouble seeing out how schools will be repurposed for social distancing in fall…
    We too are enjoying our at home family rituals during this time… a little Project Runway with DD15 … walks everyday


    1. I think we will be out for the year. I also think summer camps and pools will be closed as we try to contain the spread of the virus before the scientists can get us a vaccine.

      We are also really enjoying some ritual TV and family time. We are watching Top Chef here, going on bike rides, and tending the garden.

      Be well.


      1. Saturday night is Top Chef night here! In Wisc our Girl Scout camps are cancelled for the summer.


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