I’m in the Washington freakin’ Post!!

Today I reached a major milestone. Something I wrote has been published in the Washington Post.

It was a short piece. 100 words or less defining motherhood. Out of who knows how many submissions mine and nine others were selected to run in the Style section under the On Parenting heading. You can read it here!!  Read Me!!

I’m the last one on the list. Best for last, right? LOL.

I am giddy.

When I started writing as a profession I never thought an outlet like the Post would publish little ole me. I stuck to submitting to smaller publications; places I was sure would publish my work.

When I made my goals for this year I looked at the writing I had done. I was/am proud of it. I decided I needed to push myself. One of the goals I set was submitting a piece to a Big Name Outlet. And at the end of April I did that. I was proud of myself just for that. For pushing the “send” button and putting my work out there to be judged on a wider stage, by lots of eyes and people that know what good writing is.

That they liked it enough to publish it is icing on the cake.

One response to “I’m in the Washington freakin’ Post!!”

  1. Joan B Baldus Avatar
    Joan B Baldus

    Congratulations Mindy! Best for last – yes! Glad you got picked so that I was able to read all of them as the Washington Post is not part of my daily reading. Keep up the good work.

    Jo Baldus


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