Let’s Play a Game! Which Chandelier?? UPDATE – New Contestant!

We have 7 weeks before we can even begin to move into our new house. And that, I guess, is sort of odd. I guess that people usually buy a house and move right in. That has never been our experience.

In our first house the owners needed a rent back for 2 or 3 months. We were in an apartment renting month-to-month so it wasn’t a problem. Then in Switzerland our apartment wasn’t ready and we had to live in temporary housing for a month. Now we are still 7 weeks out until we can finally settle down. And so it continues….

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still busy with house stuff. There is some purging going on. Right now it’s kind of half-hearted purging. I have some boxes and bags of stuff ready to go, but I want just a little bit more before I drive to somewhere and drop it off.  Or maybe the Lupus Foundation will ask us for donations. The have a truck that makes house calls. And that is brilliant. That is called knowing your (lazy) audience.

But in the meantime, there are things that need to be considered for the NEW HOUSE!

Like, which chandelier should we buy!

As a reminder this is our new dining room. The current chandelier is going along with the previous owners. For real. It’s kind of a shame because it is a real “wow” piece. Well, I think it’s a shame. Mark thinks we’ve dodged a bullet. But the point is moot as they stipulated that it didn’t convey and so we are left with a quest for a new dining room light.

The table is vaguely the same as ours so that should help with your imaginations. Our chairs are wooden, though. I like to be able to see them and not stub my toe on Wonder Woman’s invisible jet chairs.

And now, armed with this information, …. let’s all play a game!

Help us pick a new chandelier!

The pictures below are real. The participants are not actors. Although if one should be sold out, we would try and find a close facsimile.

Let’s meet our contestants. (In no particular order…)

Chandelier #1

Chandelier #2

Chandelier #3

Chandelier #4

Chandelier #5

Chandelier #6

Chandelier #7

And last,  but not least, Chandelier #8

NEW CONTESTANT! Chandelier #9


Your votes matter, so please comment below.  Or, if none of our chandelier bachelors strike you as something that fits us be sure to suggest a different one.

We need to buy one before June 1st. Sooner is better. This puppy needs to get installed immediately upon occupation of the house. I have a thing for needing light to eat by.

I await your responses!

2 responses to “Let’s Play a Game! Which Chandelier?? UPDATE – New Contestant!”

  1. Just putting my two cents on this, me and my S.O can rarely if ever make a decision, we play the you choose or whatever you think works game forever until one of us gives up and picks something 🙂


  2. […] around home decorating sites fantasizing about my new house. I have narrowed it down on that chandelier – we have a top 4: 3, 5, 7 & 9 in case you are keeping score at home.  We need to go to […]


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