100 Ways to Connect with your Children

As I wrote before, I have a few New Year’s goals. One I was saving to write about was building a deeper connection with my children. I’ve found that since we’ve moved back to America I am going about a thousand miles an hour and often the boys are left behind. Here are some ways I’m intending to help deepen my connection with them.  And this was published at www.AFineParent.com! 

100 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Children

Doesn’t it sometimes catch you by surprise how hectic our world has become?

We’re running all over the place, scheduled to the absolute limit of space and time. There are some days when I have been so busy it has taken me until 4 pm to notice that my kiddos still have a smear of breakfast Nutella on their faces!

It makes me worry.  Life, for all of us, is only going to get busier and busier. And If I can’t even find time to really look at them for breakfast smears how on earth am I going to stay connected to them as they grow up??

Thankfully, with just a little bit of intentional action, there are lots of easy ways for us to stay connected with our kids.

I’ve made a list of 100 of these. Many of them only take about 10 minutes of real, quality time, and some not even that. Doing just a few of these everyday will create a deep and meaningful connection that will keep us bonded together despite our hectic lives.

Bookmark this page and come back to it often to spark up some new ideas in your mind to stay connected throughout the year. OK, here we go –

  1. Read together
  2. Cuddle on the couch while watching TV
  3. Say “yes” to something you’d normally say “no” to
  4. Give them a hug
  5. Draw together
  6. Feed some ducks at a pond with them
  7. Visit your local library and see what books inspire them
  8. Build something with them – Legos, toy models, dog houses
  9. Spend a Saturday together at a museum
  10. Pick a day to leave work early and spend that time with them

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