Kick Ass Woman Award – Re-Vote Please

So remember the Kick-Ass Woman Award that I am nominated for? Well, the poll software messed up and the votes didn’t get tallied correctly. Please go and vote again!

Click on this link! Scroll to the bottom and you can see a new poll there. Please vote! I would love to actually win! 🙂

kawaKick-Ass Women Award!

And you should really check out my competition if you haven’t yet. They are fantastic bloggers and deserve a look.

2 responses to “Kick Ass Woman Award – Re-Vote Please”

  1. Hey Mindy!

    Congrats darling. You are the First Annual Kick Ass Woman Award Winner for 2016 and I am super proud to announce that. We’ll have to figure out a way to get into private contact with each other so I can mail you your prize. ❤ Super proud of you lady. It's given me some ideas for how I'd like to run the contest next year and I am super super thrilled about it. Te Amo Sister. ❤


    1. Oh wow! That is amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity! You can email me at MindyRCarlson at gmail.

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