Kick Ass Women Award

Guys! I’ve been nominated for a Kick Ass Women Award by SynDolly.  The award serves to acknowledge the work of small-time, non-professional women bloggers like myself.

“It’s about supporting women who make us smile, laugh, cry, think, feel.”

I am incredibly flattered and I find myself in good company. My 4 co-finalists are:

Becoming She

Charli Mills

Drifting Through

Rachel Hanson

The voting ends on December 28th and we will find out the results on December 31st.

I hope you go and check them out, too. I have flipped through their pages and they are incredibly talented authors in their own right.

2 responses to “Kick Ass Women Award”

  1. […] * I feel happy in my writing. Really happy. It’s what I would prefer to be doing almost all the time. I constantly carry notebooks with me and jot down ideas, phrases, and characters. I made a conscious decision in 2016 to dedicate more time to writing. It helped me to find my voice and helped the words come more easily, which leads to more happiness. The constant practice has paid off in being published more often and in my blog being nominated for an award! […]


  2. […] remember the Kick-Ass Woman Award that I am nominated for? Well, the poll software messed up and the votes didn’t get tallied […]


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