The Surreal Nature of Moving

We have moved. Officially. We have given up our keys to our wonderful apartment, tearfully hugged friends who have become family, taken our flight, and are in the United States. I just canceled my Swiss Half-Fare card for the trains. We need to mail our legitimization cards back to some office somewhere now that the US has let us in. I am thinking when that happens I will cry again.

Moving back still has a surreal quality about it. We aren’t yet in our new home. We are visiting our families. First Mark’s parents with the pool, quaint downtown area, and an ice cream place that scoops up over a pint of ice cream per child-sized cone. Then Mark has to go back to DC and begin real life again and I go down to Iowa to visit my parents for a couple of weeks or until our stuff makes it across the Atlantic.

But for now, we are living out of suitcases and visiting family. It only feels like a very long vacation.

And thank goodness for technology. I can text and email and swap pictures with all our friends, so it really doesn’t feel as if we are that far away from each other.

We do have a house. Thank heavens for that! It has an okay sized kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and a yard. It will do for a year until we can buy our permanent house. Mark will be setting it up while I and the kids are gone. We have over half of our stuff in storage, so he’ll have a bed, a couch, various plastic dishes, a wok for cooking, and possibly even some sharp knives that I have vague recollections of leaving behind.

The only sad thing about the house is the “no pets” policy. I had been looking forward to getting kittens right away so this is a bit of a blow. Perhaps it is better this way. We can get the kittens after we are calm and settled and then don’t end up with neurotic and psychotic felines. Well, not overly neurotic and psychotic felines. The boys will be disappointed, though. They’ve already thought of names like “Stick-Stick” and “Damascus.”

I guess I’ll get orchids instead.  I had to leave the orchid I purchased for 50% off from Coop behind with my friend Barbara. It felt nice and right in a way. There is a big picture window in the kitchen that would be perfect for herbs and an orchid or 3. So, yay!

And the whole transition from being Swiss to being American again will be something to write about.

So, friends, email me. Text me. I miss you all.


One response to “The Surreal Nature of Moving”

  1. William Walls Avatar
    William Walls

    Welcome back – we are also experiencing the transition emotions of sadness and joy.


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