Roaming in Rome and then Roaming Home

We loved wandering around to the really popular Roman places and into Vatican City, but there is still more Rome to see!

One of the must-see places in Rome is the Spanish Steps. The famously appear in Roman Holiday, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and The Italian Job where the mini coopers famously drive down the steps to elude police.

Actually, they have begun to put concrete planters on the steps because there is at least one incident where someone tried to recreate that chase scene and another incident when a drunk guy got lost and ended up driving to the first landing. It wrecked the stairs and took months to repair.

In our case, the larger portion of the Steps was closed off for refurbishing while we were there with some neat vintage pictures on the side of famous actors as they are walking down the steps to different film premieres.

Spanish Steps 2

The steps start with this church at the top.

This is the Trinità dei Monti, a Catholic church consecrated in 1585.  The flowers on the ends of the pews aren’t normally there; they were preparing and decorating for a wedding. I can only imagine how lovely that would be and envision the bride in a white Dior gown floating down the stairs with her groom in a classic tux at her side.

At the bottom of the steps is this fountain.

Spanish Steps 3The Fontana della Barcaccia, or the Fountain of the Ugly Boat. I have no idea why Pietro Bernini carved it to look like a sinking ship. This square was noted for flooding and they say that a boat was found there after one particularly bad flood, but really? A sinking boat?

It does have a certain grace and beauty to it and if there is one thing that square needs it is a fountain to set off the stairs. Spanish Steps 1

Don’t just stick to the main and tourist parts of Rome. There are wonderful things to see all over the city.

All these places have gelato shops within several meters of them. You could actually wander through the entire city buying gelato cones one after another until you finally arrive back at your hotel. The children loved that particular feature.

Rome was beautiful. Beautiful and crowded. I don’t know if I’m inspired enough by its history and charm to be lured back anytime soon, but I am glad I went in a “you have to go to Rome to consider yourself a true world traveler” kind of way. Italy is one of the major flash-points for art and culture that shaped the entirety of western civilization, you know.

I like Pisa a bit better and I kind of want to move on to Venice and see if the grandeur there is all it is reported to be. But the next trip is going to be to Iceland! There will be an update about moving somewhere in the next week as well.

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