Proof. My Purse is a Mobile Black Hole.

My shoulders have been sore recently so I’ve been on a quest to keep my purse light. Especially has the weather has improved and I’ve been doing more impromptu hiking with the kids after school. I realized today that my purse was getting really heavy again so I set aside time to clean it out.

Here’s what I found:

*  A smooshed strawberry and yogurt cereal bar.

* 3 pairs of sunglasses of various sizes

* A combination of Euro, Swiss Franc, and American coins that probably would buy me a beer if I found a place that would take them.

* A half-empty water bottle – vintage unknown.

* A shopping bag.

* 4 different kinds of ID.

* 3 tubes of lipstick and an almost empty tube of chapstick.

*About a gazillion receipts from Coop.

* Various lonely cough drops.

* Used train tickets from Zurich, Bern, and Dijon.

* A deck of cards.

* A packet of tissues with the Eiffel Tower on them.

* A small tube of sunscreen that looks like it might leak at any moment.

* An empty and crushed box of coughdrops.

* Fingerless mittens that I’ve been looking for since the middle of March.


Frankly, the only thing that surprised me is that I didn’t have a kitten or some kind of medical device hidden in there, too.

My bag is much lighter now.

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