Can’t Get Away from Fabric

Or thread.

(This post is especially for my friends, Kate, Cate, Mary, and Debra)

Right next to my food market is a little shopped called “Woll Street.”   This is German for “Wool Street.”  It is a Mecca for knitters, crocheters, and embroiderers.   It is jammed with yarns and threads and necessaries.

A whole wall of Mohair yarn. Look at all the colors!!! And it’s MOHAIR. Think of the sweaters!


CASHMERE! I swear to God! It’s almost enough to make me want to really learn to knit!
Loads of wool yarn. I wish Mark’s Grandmother Florence were still alive. I would have birthday and Christmas gift for years for her.
Rosewood and bamboo knitting needles over some amazing multi-colored yarns. I have my eye on that green yarn … there might be a scarf in there.

As inspired as I was, I did not buy yarn.   I bought a whole mess of embroidery thread and a new pattern for what is classically called a Sampler.   The woman who owns the shop was delightful.  I knew just enough German and she knew just enough English to make the transaction work.   And she said she would order anything I needed that she didn’t usually carry!  Now that is some service!

My new sewing project.  I couldn't stay away from needles and thread for long.
My new sewing project. I couldn’t stay away from needles and thread for long.

Well, I held out for almost 4 weeks.  A think it’s a new record.  Knitting might be in my future.  Maybe.  I’ll need to learn better German or get a book with instructions in English.

Maybe.  But let’s not get crazy here.

(Good Luck. Heh.)

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