Missing my Oven

I am loving Basel.  I love going into my local bakeries and shops and getting tarts and croissants and fresh bread everyday.  It’s inspiring.

As you may recall we are still in our temporary apartment at ZumZoo.  You may also recall me mentioning that the kitchen is a bit … well … limited.


The entire kitchen.  There is room for one person. This does not stop the children from trying to join me.
The entire kitchen. There is room for one person. This does not stop the children from trying to join me.  That little cupboard on the bottom left is the refrigerator.

You may also recall that I love to cook and bake.  A lot.

Hence, I miss my oven.

It’s the first thing about Basel that I have to lament. Our temporary apartment was not meant to hold a baker.

And this is why I’ve been serving bread and cheese platters almost every night for three weeks.  We’ve also had intermittent pasta meals, which have been welcome changes for the children.

It all started on the trip to Neuchatel and Dombresson and that amazing breakfast.  Specifically it was the croissants. After eating those wonderful flaky beautiful bites of loveliness I wanted to make them myself.  I even Googled a recipe! And I’m all ready (mentally, anyway) to bake!  But, alas, no oven to bake by breakfast wonders in!  And I really don’t have room to hold the flour and sugar or to mix and knead anyway.

In only two weeks we’ll be in our new apartment. And it has an oven.

But it’s a loooong two weeks.

It turns out baking is not only a creative outlet that also produces tasty versions of flour and sugar, it’s also a stress reliever. And a way that I show my family love.  In a deeper, more psychological reading, it’s also a way that I prove my worth to the community.  My baking is a skill I am very proud of and I depend on it to show others I care and as a vehicle to receive praise from others.  </psychological introspection>

I am hopeful that I will have my kitchen unpacked and set by September 16th.  September 17th we are having visitors and September 18th is E’s 9th birthday.  Please, oh, please,  let my kitchen and the bedrooms be set by September 17th at the latest.

Keep your fingers crossed.


2 responses to “Missing my Oven”

  1. and your community misses your baking and sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melinda…..I am enjoying your Swiss Family Carlson blog! The photos and commentary are delightful and I look forward to more of each (a photo of Mary in front of a chocolate shop would be especially nice.)

    Best wishes for many more happy adventures across the pond. Carol P.


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