First Day of School!!

Well, we shipped the kids off to school!

Their school!
Their school!

Mark and I took the boys and their 500 pounds of school supplies into school today.  Each boy had a backpack and two other small bags.  Of course they only carried one of their small bags.  Mark carried their backpacks on top of his own work bag and I carried my bag and their other smaller bags. Plus H wanted to snuggle with me on the train.  E was fascinated by a group of boys who were in 5th and 6th grade and therefore refused to sit down next to us, his incredibly uncool parents. He wanted to stand so he could be “cool.”  (Dear Lord.)

Look at those handsome learners!
Look at those handsome learners!
Good to see we have the proper attitude for school.
Good to see we have the proper attitude for school.

We walked H to his classroom. He found his coat and bag hooks immediately. His teacher took his things and put them in his cubby and then he gave us a hug and kiss and waved us away from his room.  (Lots of other parents were hanging around the room comforting their kindergarteners.)

Then we went up the stairs to E’s classroom. Most of his fellow students were already there. We helped him get his folders and binders and stuff out of his bag and then said buh-bye. We got a wave, but no hug.

Mark and I felt pretty good. No tears. No reluctance.  We didn’t dance out of the school, but we may have skipped. A little.

But I can’t wait for 3:20 to come so I can hear about their day!

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