Noticings in Basel

I have been in Basel for a day now. We landed after a long flight across the Atlantic and a short hop from Amsterdam. We also have been walking all over the city looking at apartments. Basel is a beautiful city. Lovely old and impressive new architecture. The tram system is amazing. I love it.

And I’ve made some Noticings here. Not hard to do since I am on a different continent.
* The birds sound different here.
* The hierarchy on the road is Tram, Pedestrian, Car.
* This is hilly country. I am going to be back in shape soon.
* Apparently I look like I should speak French. (I’m taking it as a compliment to my sense of style and not a comment on my “resting bitchface”.)
* Milk is pasteurized and put into cardboard containers on a non-refrigerated shelf.
* Anything that doesn’t have to be refrigerated isn’t. This includes Coke, beer, wine, milk, juice, and eggs.
* All the older/historical apartments we’ve looked at have bomb shelters with 6 inch walls and door. Here in Switzerland they are neutral, but prepared.
* I will have the perfect German phase that I need 2 minutes after it’s too late.

I will have more Noticings from time to time. Probably related to apartment hunting. Of which we did all day today and we have 2 more apartments to see tomorrow. Oy. There is a lot of walking happening. My legs are going to look fantastic!

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