The Adventures of the Swiss Family Carlson Begin

Today we hurl ourselves over the ocean in a big metal tube and move to a country where we not only don’t know anyone, we also don’t know the language. And we’re doing this willingly. At least it will be overnight so we can all try to sleep through it.

I am unbelievably nervous. So is Mark. The kids know we are flying today, but the 5 year old is trying to manipulate us into going back to DC. We promised to buy him a Chima Lego when we got to our new home. He is trying to convince me I said our old home in Maryland. This is not going to go well. I just hope he doesn’t scream when we get on the plane.

One suitcase is 100% packed. The other 3 suitcases are 90% packed. And the clock is ticking. Weird thoughts are floating through my head. Where are the passports? Did the visa page fall out? Can we take batteries? Do they weigh the carry-on bag? Where are my Swiss Francs?

The cellphones are shutting off at midnight and we will be “dark” until Tuesday when we get our new phones with new phone numbers. Monday we get to land in Basel at 2pm, find our apartment, present ourselves to the Canton officials to register for immigration visas, and open a bank account. Oh, yeah. And eat, have the kids rest, and enjoy our first night in our new country.

Stay tuned to my blog. I’ll be posting often with stories and pictures of our life in Switzerland.

2 responses to “The Adventures of the Swiss Family Carlson Begin”

  1. Thinking of you guys and sending loving thoughts! You can do this!

    I am at the beach this week on the North/South Carolina border, without my family. No one else could go, so here I am. It is awesome!


  2. Love you guys. Miss you already. Post lots of pics!


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