Some major things checked off

The move continues and time has begun to rush by exponentially. Thankfully we have gotten some major things checked off the list. The Civic is sold! We have a (temporary) place to live! We have renters for our house! We have our Visas! We have our plane tickets!

We just made a major purge/donation of items last week. There will be at least one more purge before we leave next week that will include various broken electronic devices and an old carpet. And we have movers coming on Monday to take the big and cumbersome items to our storage unit. Apparently we get a special deal if we keep it to 5 items. The thing that makes my stomach churn, however, is knowing that we have only 10 days until our “real” movers come to the house. And only 12 until we leave Silver Spring for a quick Midwestern tour before we actually board the plan and head to Basel.

I am coping by have long periods of total denial, cooking everything that I possibly can to lower the amount of food we will be giving away or taking to the Midwest, and taking the kids to the pool.

It is an interesting feeling to be on the threshold of a grand adventure. Like standing on the edge of a chasm and knowing that you have to jump to the other side. I feel like I’m mentally measuring the distance across. I know that I’ll make it, but it may not be as gracefully as I hope.

It’s so very exciting though. I have so many hopes for what the next year and a half will hold for us. And I’ll be posting it all here.

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