Purging the House, Round 2

Most of the pictures are off the walls and in storage. It makes the house echo a little bit and look a lot emptier. The house doesn’t look forlorn and lonely yet. It looks more like a lady without any jewelry on.  Just in time to go on the rental market.

The purging, sorting, packing, and cleaning has been arduous.  Week nights are full of sorting and tossing. Weekends are full of taking to storage and charity organizations.  And other hours are full of lawn and childcare.

So far our storage unit is half full and we’ve taken 6 loads to Goodwill.  I have another charity coming by on Friday to pick up a very large load of stuff.  It is amazing to me how many things that had collected into the nooks and crannies of our house that we never used. Tablecloths, figurines, pictures, clothing. It’s amazing what we have accumulated.  And it is oddly uplifting to get rid of all those things we never used. The house is cleaner and feels calmer.  The question I have is how do I stop myself from accumulating more stuff.

The kids are taking it well. I think because we haven’t begun going through their toys, so it’s not personal to them yet.  That will come in Part 3.

One response to “Purging the House, Round 2”

  1. […] are things from storage I haven’t touched in almost 3 years now that need to go. I started the purge in 2014  and found the more crap I took out of the house the more peaceful and the happier I felt. With all […]


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