Googling for Star Wars Ideas

Oh, the things I will do for my children. (And because they sound really cool.) This time it’s for H and it’s for his birthday party. He has already turned 5 and his party is the Saturday 9 days later.

H has asked for a Star Wars-themed birthday party. We only do a big party for the kids every other year and so we feel obligated to really “do something” when we do have a party. And this year is going to be quite “something.” Instead of having a moon bounce and leaving the kids to their own devices we are actually having Star Wars-themed games and food.

I have searched “Star Wars Kids Party” on Pinterest. Have you? There are thousands of ideas out there! Some are really cute and doable, some are really cute and impossible, and some are in the “not cute” category.  Mostly I find myself inspired and filled with dreams that I can actually do this.

The food is the fun part. Vader-ade, Obi Wan Kebabis (fruit kebabs), Yodamole and Trooper Scoopers, Wookie Cookies. Han-burgers and “Hutt” dogs. I’m still looking for a name for the veggie and dip (suggestions welcome).

And then there are the games. We are hosting it as a Jedi Training Academy. So there will be several tasks they have to do before they can earn their Jedi badge. The tasks are not yet finalized and are slightly complicated to explain without pictures, so I’ll update next weekend WITH pictures. At the end there will be a Death Star Pinata. I will be posting pictures and details of making it. Hopefully those details won’t be as horrifying as I’m thinking they will be. And that the skills in Dutchman work on flats will serve me well in my pinata making.

I do love putting special events together for the kids. It’s so much fun for us and them. I hope this is as wonderfully fun as I envision. We will see.

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