Meet Indy!

The first bag I ever made was a messenger bag for my BFF Shaun. It was Christmas and we had decided that we wouldn’t buy each other gifts. Whatever we gave to each other had to be handmade.

I got this.


When I received it it was told that although it was, indeed, at trivet and that most trivets were, indeed, meant to hold hot things, I should *not* use it for hot things.  It still lives on my countertop. I have never put a hot pot, cup, or pan on it, but I do read the quote everyday.

I gave her a messenger bag.  It was out of some discount, end-of-the roll couch fabric from G Street. The lady who cut it for me said, “Oooo! You have good taste! This was orginally $68.00 per yard!”  I got it for $6 per yard.

I just visited her in Colorado back in September.  She still has it.  She says it’s one of her favorite bags and that she uses it to hold her gaming supplies.  And although it is her favorite she did have some comments about “bonuses” a new messenger bag could have.


Meet Indy.  This bag is large enough to carry everything you need to adventure with your favorite archeologist or keep what you need to fight off a zombie apocalypse.  It’s a faux-leather material that can hold up to just about anything and had that comfortable well-loved look.  It’s got a long strap that fits comfortably across the body. It’s got *2* magnetic closures that keeps the flap from …er.. flapping.

2 snaps!
2 snaps!


The cavernous interior. You could hide the Ark of the Covenant in there.
The cavernous interior. You could hide the Ark of the Covenant in there.

I put 2 pockets inside to hold a phone and a wallet.  This bag is big enough to haul a laptop, an iPad, several books, and your lunch!

Ooooo! Shiny!
Ooooo! Shiny!

I also upgraded the handles. On the original bag I sewed the handles right to the bag, but this time I wanted it to have a certain look so I used some antiqued brass hardware to set it off. And those are rivets to hold the strap together!

Indy is a one-of-a kind bag! I don’t have enough of the fabric left to make another one just like her. Maybe a small one or some pouches, but this will be the only bag like this out there.

Indy will be for sale at our Annual Accessories Trunk Show December 14th and 15th. Doors open at 2:30 both days and we close up for the night at 6:00 pm.  Email me if you want more specifics about the show!

One response to “Meet Indy!”

  1. Dig it! And lemme say that trivet looked cooler 10 years ago… And go ahead an put a coffee cup on it.


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