A New Morning

I have turned 38.

And I finally figured out a few things.

Age couldn’t matter less.

Follow your bliss – do what you love. (Thank you, Joseph Campbell.)

When your children give you a gift the joy isn’t in you getting the gift, it’s about seeing the look of immeasurable joy on their face when you tell them you love it and it’s perfect.

Always try new foods.

If you talk like Julia Child when you cook the food always tastes better.

Read lots of books. Out loud. Do the voices and characterizations.

Let your children have a day when they make all the decisions.

Travel by car around the U.S.   Not all at once.

Try and make one outfit for yourself.

Pick something really hard that you would never, in a million years, think you can do and then try it.

Buy some random person ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s.

Take pictures.  Be in the pictures. Don’t worry about how you look.

Go to the opera at least once. I recommend Tosca.

Be kind to everyone, especially that asshole who cut you off during your morning commute.



morning at the patio


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