Two new bags that I am in love with.

So we all know that I love every bag that I make. Desperately. Passionately. Love.

And here are two more little love children for my collection.

An elegant yet fun and cute, cute, cute purse.

And this number.

A Classic Envelope Clutch.  Truly lovely.
A Classic Envelope Clutch. Truly lovely.

Here are a few more close-ups of the very stylish and hand-made rosette.


The rosette is made from a silk charmeuse and I hand sewed in some gray beads to just give it a subtle bling.



The lining is a suiting lining in navy blue that, I think, coordinates extremely well with the pale blue wool exterior.  Thank you to Jennifer Jacob for sending me the pale blue fabric and the lining.  The fabric is just so, so soft and screams quality. It is crazy lovely.

A fun, yet elegant and cute, cute, cute purse.
A fun, yet elegant and cute, cute, cute purse.

And this is a wonderful, smart bag that I made from a silk fabric shipped in from Ellie in New York with a stretch suiting lining inside.  The pin tucks in the front give the bag some depth and extra shape that the cut of the bag alone can’t give.  I have some major plans for this design.  I’m thinking about trying some faux leather, doing one in a suede, and trying out some other silks.  All the silk bags are reinforced with a heavy weight sew-in interfacing. Also when I use silk I try to use a lining that has some body and resilience to it to help protect the silk’s shape.

I have a really cool idea to make another one in a sturdy canvas-like material and applique or embroider some flower shapes onto the body.  Stay tuned for that!

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