Talent in the Family

Okay. Proud Mama moment coming up.  You’ve been warned.

At E’s school they have an annual Secret Snowflake – er – thing.  The kids get matched up with a another kid in their class and for the week they leave trinkety presents and notes for that person while trying to keep their identity a secret.  Then at the end of the week they have a Secret Snowflake party where they see if they can guess who their Snowflake was and their Snowflake gives them a final $5 gift.

This year, E, had a little girl named Olivia.  She is a little sugar treat of adorableness.  And E’s been giving her bits of candy, and cute erasers among other 25-cent objects.   And when I asked him what sort of a $5 gift he wanted to give her do you know what he said??   I want to make her a bag.

Apple.  Tree.   Further proof that he shares 50% of my DNA.

Over dinner we sketched out a couple of different designs for bags.  One version had about 15 pockets on the front, but that was edited down to one on the outside and one on the inside, thank goodness.  And we settled on one handle, not two as I typically make.

Once we had agreed on a design that was actually possible to make we went through the mountains of fabric that I have in the laundry room.  Scads of things from past projects, projects never gotten too, and projects that have not yet been imagined (that pile is particularly large).   He picked out quite a variety of fabrics and we had to narrow it down a little or we were going to end up with quite a car crash of colors and textures.   At once point he had gold and blue silk, purple corduroy, green velvet, and some teal cotton in the pile.   That would have been quite some bag!

I have to say, he did 80% of the work.  He helped with the cutting out and he was the one sitting at the machine feeding the fabric through.  I was right over his shoulder also helping to feed the fabric through at a couple of points, but he did a great job.  I had to sew the handles on, because we were just sewing them in on the top and using a top-stitch to join the inside and outside of the bag together, but my boy E did the rest!


I love this fabric - little birds and birdhouses and viney branches.
I love this fabric – little birds and birdhouses and viney branches.
Cute blue birdy bag with bright pink pocket!
Cute blue birdy bag with bright pink pocket!
He asked to embroider her initial onto the bag.  Isn't that a cute little "O"?
He asked to embroider her initial onto the bag. Isn’t that a cute little “O”?


A proud boy with the bag he made!
A proud boy with the bag he made!

He’s already asked for more time to play on the machine.  I’m going to hook up my old Brother Pacesetter that I bought when he was born and let him sew away.

I’m going to have to warn Mark that this means we’re going to have to set E up with his own stash pile.  Fabric is going to take over the house.  Mwahahaha.

2 responses to “Talent in the Family”

  1. Olivia loves her bag so very, very much! A proper thank you note is forthcoming, but wanted to pop in to tell you how awfully sweet your little guy is. THANK YOU and HIM! X, Kate


    1. E and I are thrilled that she likes her bag. Mrs. A-O was also telling me, rapturously, about the bag and it’s reception. He is quite pleased with himself.


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