2 Days until Accessories Trunk Show!

Our annual Accessories Trunk Show is in only 2 days!! And I’m freaking out just a little bit.

I’ve been moving a few pieces over to Cate’s house, our perennial show location, and doing some temporary placements. As we get more of our wares up and in and fluffed and polished we’ll be rearranging things so that we have some pretty vignettes the feature Cate’s jewelry, my bags, and Jana’s knits.

I’ve also been trying to sew just few more pieces. I know that it’s crazy, but I have some really awesome fabrics and I have this need to show everyone what my vision is for them. Because the fabric colors, patterns, and textures are just that cool. I’ll probably end up finishing up just 1 more piece and I’ll have to be okay with that.

And I’m baking! E’s holiday program and bake sale is tomorrow night so I’m making a gluten-free pumpkin bread, raspberry and chocolate rugelach, and New Orleans pecan pralines. The pumpkin bread was done last night and the rest of it is going in the oven today. And for the Show I’m making mini cupcakes! Gluten-free chocolate for sure and perhaps an additional flavor if my bag gets finished.

And I’m putting together a cheese tray. I know that it will shock all of you, but I have to admit I can’t make my own cheese. I must buy the cheeses, just like every other ordinary mortal. (Feel better?)

Anyway, the point is, I’m having a SHOW! You should COME! I’ll have WINE! And SNACKS! And awesome bags and jewelry and knits to buy! 3813 Woodridge Avenue 2:30 – 6 Sat & Sun. Be there!

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