Patio – Finished!

I’ve been waiting to be able to share this, but our patio is finally, finally done!!

My husband is truly a remarkable man. He did most of this himself. His dad was here for a few days and helped lay the foundation and start laying the slate, but Mark ripped out all the shrubs and overgrown garden mess, leveled the ground, and finished the slate laying by himself.

And now I proudly present The Patio.

Isn’t it grand! I can’t wait to get a table out there and have a restful cup of coffee in the morning.


This has been months in the making.  Accessorizing will be happening in the Spring.  A table, Japanese lantern, some lights.  It’s going to be awesome.

And let’s just recap the progress…..

E helping to take out all the plants.
The garden partly gone.
The new fence in!
The rock going in after being painstakingly leveled by Mark. It was too painful even to photograph.
Ken and Mark hard at work putting in the sand foundation and getting ready for slate.
The first piece of slate!
The patio is H approved!


It took quite a long time – longer than I thought, but that’s because we were traveling and the weather wouldn’t cooperate with the weekends sometimes.  But IT’S DONE.   All that’s left it to enjoy it.  The boys have a head start.  🙂






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