Handy Wrist Wallet

I found a pattern for this cute thing awhile ago, but just couldn’t/didn’t get around to trying it out until now. I even took the time to buy all the hardware to make a few right after I found the pattern, I was just that excited about it.   Who know what happened between then and now, but I’ve got the sewing bug again and so I wanted whip one up.  (It helps that I was starting a new or different wristlet clutch and realized I needed a gold magnetic snap and I only had silver, but I digress…)

I was able to pull fabric from my stash of extras and cast offs and “what was I thinking” fabrics.   Like all quilters, I have a huge amount of odds and ends of fabric on hand.  I think it’s awfully cute!


It has a credit card/id holder and a zippered pouch for cash and change.  The credit card holder can fit up to 4 different cards and the zippered pouch can hold quite a lot of coins.  I should have made this months ago!  I really needed this kind of wallet for the pool and beach!

I plan on making a few more of these for the annual Christmas show.  I think instead of Velcro, I might use magnetic snaps on this kind of heavy decorator cloth.  For the lighter fabric, a Velcro tab will have to do.


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