From the “What Was I Thinking” File

I love my children.  Absolutely and without question.  I would do anything for them.  And when E’s teacher asked me to help with the Rabbit Costumes for E’s school play I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

And then suddenly I was also doing the foxes, the bears, and the pigs;  totaling 20 costumes.

With headpieces.

That have ears.  EARS, people.  Ears that need to STAND UP.  Do you know how hard it is to get sewn rabbit ears to actually stand up?  It is hard. Very hard.  And I have 20 of these to make.  That’s 40 ears that all need to stand up.

And then there is the fabric.

Ghastly, isn't it?
It's like a taxidermy office.

No, I haven’t slaughtered animals in my living room.   Although it gave my husband a start when he came home.

This is for the bears.
For the foxes.
Velour for the bunny rabbits.

And this herd of indistinct faux animal furs will magically be fashioned into 5 rabbits, 5 foxes, 5 bears, and 5 pigs by next week.

With hoods.

With ears. 

…… pray for me…..

2 responses to “From the “What Was I Thinking” File”

  1. Well, yes, this is insane, but it is a happy insane, brought about by the best of intentions. The school is so very lucky to have you take this seriously and have someone with your skills volunteer–YES, VOLUNTEER, to do this. I would have cut and pasted paper plate masks to get the ears and cut out eyes, nose and mouth.

    Although, I do remember coordinating those 100 some insect costumes. (must tell you about that at lunch–but I wasn’t MAKING all of them for pete’s sake.) And insects rarely have ears that stand up….


  2. You are a SAINT! I don’t know you, but I am praying for you. Good luck!


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