Holiday Show 2011 Review

Well, it’s the day after the show and I’m sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee in my hand, munching leftover reugella. A lot happened this weekend and so I’m grateful to have a moment to process things and get ready for the rest of the week.

First, let me say a big Thank You to everyone who came to Cate and my holiday show. Lots of you were there and lots of you bought the things we’d crafted. I make these bags and quilts and “things” because I think they are beautiful and I like beautiful things that are also practical. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you loved the things that I loved to make. So, again, thank you.

And, frankly, I had a rollicking good time. It felt more like Cate and I were hosting a holiday cocktail party than a jewelry and textile sale and we will be doing this again next year. It was wonderful to meet Cate’s friends and it was great to introduce my friends to her and our friends to each other.  Cate claims that we are just frustrated wanna-be boutique owners who get to experience this just once a year.  I can’t say she’s wrong.  That’s why we’re friends.  🙂

Here’s what Cate’s house looked like.

Just a little of Cate's jeweley.
More of the boutique – er, I mean house.

There were many, many more things, but for some  reason – that I’m sure has nothing to do with how badly my hands were shaking while taking the pictures – others featuring Cate’s pictures were blurry.  I’m going to get some photos from Cate and add them here.

While many things sold, I do have a few items left in my inventory. I’m posting picture of them below for your perusal. If you are interested in buying anything I have listed please message me. I have a PayPal account so anyone who can’t make an in-person purchase isn’t left out.

Americana Quilt – throw sized $225
Bamboo handled purse $65
Brown polka-dotted purse with dark-brown resin handles $65
Sampler quilt – throw sized $225
Christmas flurry quilt – $125
baby girl quilt $80
Diaper Bag $115
3 Grocery Sack Keepers – $30 each

Anyone interested in anything please leave a comment.   I also take commission work with 1 month’s advance notice.

Thank you again to everyone and plan on coming next year.  I also have a little idea of going to the Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring this summer.  We’ll see.  😉

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