Two for the Show

I have been working my fingers into knots getting more stuff created for the show. My production had a serious (and totally unavoidable) setback in October when I had to go back to the Midwest for family matters and then I had to take a bit of time off when I tweaked my knee right after I got back.

But I’m in full-on sewing mode and I’ve been super productive.  Here’s more of what I’ve done that will be for sale at the show on December 3rd and 4th.

Diaper Bag #2

blue and brown polka-dotted diaper bag
brown and blue polka-dotted lining with elastic pockets in the exterior and interior fabrics
the end pockets on the diaper bag
inside the end pockets

Baby Girl Quilt

a sweet quilt in pinks, yellows, and greens with a cream ribbon accenting the dark pink stripe
a flower and leaf detail quilted in dark pink next to the ribbon
butterflies and quilted in throughout the quilt
a smaller butterfly on the quilt

Butterfly clutch (I must be having a thing for butterflies right now…)

electric purple silk with electric blue butterflies
the back of the clutch – perfect for parties

And I’ve got more that I’m finishing up, too!  A couple Victorian-themed bags, a Christmas tree quilt, and a few more shoppers!  (And possibly a third diaper bag in the blue and brown polka-dot fabric, but with blue dots on brown on the outside and the brown dots on blue on the inside.  Or maybe another lap quilt.)

Plus, Cate and I will be making lots of tasty treats to snack on while you shop, too!  Watch for my Russian Tea Cakes!

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