The At Home Holiday Sale 2011

Edit:  I’ve been informed that none of my photos are good enough.  Well, once I figure out why my camera is taking such crappy photos I’ll fix it.   Maybe.

My neighbor Cate and I are going to have our 2nd annual Textile and Refashioned and Vintage Jewelry Sale on Saturday, December 3 from 3 until 6 and Sunday, December 4 from 2 until 5.

Cate is a fabulous jewelery maker and has lots and lots of stuff to choose from. She’s got a great selection of teen jewelry, holiday items, men’s pendents, jewelery at makes a statement, and pieces that accent your best features.

I’ve been working hard on my products.

Plastic Bag Keepers

3 Plastic Bag Keepers

Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag
Elastic pockets inside
Plenty of room for everything your baby needs.
Pockets on the end

Snack bags (these are just a few of what I have)

Snack Bags!

A Tic-Tac-Toe game with bags.

Comes with 10 bags!

A new bowl (the other bowls feature in a previous post will also be at the sale)

A cute little bowl – blue with flecks of dark pink and green.

Besides these pieces I’m also working on a second diaper bag, more shopping bags, more snack bags, some fun clutches that will be perfect for a holiday party, and a couple of quilts.   I’ll be posting them as I get them done.

3 responses to “The At Home Holiday Sale 2011”

  1. Are the snack bags all one size? By the way, your pictures don’t do these items justice. They actually “pop” more in real life.


    1. They are all the same size. I did one sandwich bag, but I didn’t like the design so I’m going to rework it.


  2. You could also feature a size that would hold tea bags–several of my students travel with their own tea bags….


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