The At Home Holiday Sale 2011

Edit:  I’ve been informed that none of my photos are good enough.  Well, once I figure out why my camera is taking such crappy photos I’ll fix it.   Maybe.

My neighbor Cate and I are going to have our 2nd annual Textile and Refashioned and Vintage Jewelry Sale on Saturday, December 3 from 3 until 6 and Sunday, December 4 from 2 until 5.

Cate is a fabulous jewelery maker and has lots and lots of stuff to choose from. She’s got a great selection of teen jewelry, holiday items, men’s pendents, jewelery at makes a statement, and pieces that accent your best features.

I’ve been working hard on my products.

Plastic Bag Keepers

3 Plastic Bag Keepers

Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag
Elastic pockets inside
Plenty of room for everything your baby needs.
Pockets on the end

Snack bags (these are just a few of what I have)

Snack Bags!

A Tic-Tac-Toe game with bags.

Comes with 10 bags!

A new bowl (the other bowls feature in a previous post will also be at the sale)

A cute little bowl - blue with flecks of dark pink and green.

Besides these pieces I’m also working on a second diaper bag, more shopping bags, more snack bags, some fun clutches that will be perfect for a holiday party, and a couple of quilts.   I’ll be posting them as I get them done.

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