The Loss of Loved Ones

2011 has been a rough year in our household. In early September we had to put one of our kitties to sleep. Vishnu was a dynamic, neurotic, beautiful little queen and we all miss her.

On September 25th I got a call from my Aunt Becky that my Aunt Noma died.   It was Sunday and she had gone for brunch with one of my cousin’s children and his girlfriend and then they were going to a concert at her church.  She was fine and when they reached the church she suddenly collapsed and died within minutes.  She was only 65.

And then on this Saturday I got a phone call from my Mom telling me that my Aunt Judy, who has been battling lung and bladder cancer, had taken a turn for the worse.  Her systems were shutting down.  It was decided to end cancer treatments and beginning pumping her full of morphine to make her comfortable.  She died on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.

The Cave girls: Back Row – Noma, Janice, Becky. Front Row – Virginia, Judy

This photo was taken at the August 6, 2011 family reunion.  It was the last time they were all together and as much as everyone complained about how many pictures were being taken I’m going to be eternally grateful that we did it.

My Aunt Noma was a character.  She sort of reminded my of Auntie Mame, but without the millions of dollars.  She was bold and independent and brave.  She moved to Chicago as a young woman and fell in love with the city.  She remained faithful to her city until she died and we decided that she should be interred there instead of her home town next to her parents.  She loved to read and introduced me to authors that I still read today.  Every birthday as a kid she gave me a new book.  She was also generous to a fault. She didn’t have much, but she shared everything she could with those in need.  She helped to cook food for those who needed meals taken to them.  She was a devoted member of her altar guild and an extremely active member of her church.  She gave me the inspiration to follow a path in life that I picked for myself and to walk boldly upon that path.

My Aunt Judy was the ultimate mother.  She had 8 kids and ran a daycare to help bring up hundreds more.  She had so much love inside of her you could feel it pouring out of her.  She was an incredible cook and baker and could sew anything. When she had the time – she did have 8 kids afterall.  But she was there for everyone. An ear to listen. A shoulder to cry on. Arms to give hugs tell you how proud she was of you. A foot to kick you in the butt when you needed it.  I will miss her chocolate silk pies, her bread rolls, and her funny stories about the family.  I will miss her unconditional love for the universe.

Rest in Peace, Noma and Judy.

2 responses to “The Loss of Loved Ones”

  1. what an extreme Blessing, to have such dynamic women as part of the legacy that has been passed on to you and your children. They do live on, and continue to bless all those lives! Pax.


  2. […] also came home with two delicate tea cups that Mom had chosen for me while cleaning out my Aunt Noma’s Chicago apartment.  These were tea cups that had come from my grandmother when we’d sold her […]


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