Vacay in MdWst with the GPs

I’m so hip I can’t even type out all the words. Just abbreviations for me. But for you woefully un-hipsters, we are on vacation in the Midwest for 4 weeks visiting the Grandparents.   The Minnesota grandparents (Grandma and Grandad) live in a town, have a fabulous attic to explore with tons of toys,  a huge screened-in porch to play on and a swimming pool.  The Iowa grandparents (Grammie and Papa) live on a farm, have E and H’s cousins nearby to play with, and supply tractor rides, cows, and fresh baked cookies.

Minnesota is hot and humid in the summer, but Grandma and Grandad have a pool and we are spending many, many hours in the pool.

Loving the pool!

Minnesota also has Nelson’s Ice Cream and the child-size is the size of an actual child.  We are visiting there often.

This is a child-size cone. There is ice cream all the way down in the cup and it goes waaaay past what you can see on camera.

The visit to the steamy north has been fun.  The kids have had a great time with this set of Grandparents and we’ll be traveling south to Iowa to visit the other set shortly.  In E’s mind Grammie and Papa live on a farm and have fresh baked cookies.

We went fishing with Papa and the cousins.

The first fish of the day!
Last fish of the day.

Then we went hunting for fossils from the Devonian period at a fossil field in Rockford, IA.  Mark and I took the big kids and left the younger ones with Grammie.  The fossils were all over the place! Just sitting on top of the ground. There were a lot of sea-life type of fossils like shells. Everyone brought home a plastic bag with quite a few rocks in it.

Fossil hunting in Rockford, IA

It was 4 weeks of fun, but we were grateful to be home at the end. And we got home just in time for the first day of school!

A rainy first day of school.

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  1. Hi Mindy – Just looked at this tonight. Fun reads and I love your art work (quilting projects) and garden.


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