New Clutches

I was browsing the interweb (what a surprise. Not.), however, I was specifically looking at new bags to make. I love my all-purpose, patchy shopper bag, but I was looking for something smaller that would hold my wallet and cell and a few other things to throw into the shopper or to just take on a date. This is the bag I found….

The blog's picture of the clutch

I made two. One exactly like the sample (I’m calling that one Elegant Chinese because of the fabric I used) and then one without the flat bottom and a cord to trim it rather than the frill (I’m calling that one Green and Gold).  And then I took them over to my friend, Cate at, and she added the charm bracelet handles.

Green and Gold wristlet – SOLD!
Green and Gold back
Green and Gold lining

I’d also like to note that my sister-in-law, Ellie Moser, actually designed the fabric for the Green and Gold clutch.  That makes it extra special to me.

Elegant Chinese Clutch
Back of the Elegant Chinese wristlet
The cranberry lining for the Elegant Chinese wristlet

These two bags are for sale I only have the Elegant Chinese bag for sale still!!  I’m still charging $28 (plus shipping).  If you want one I’m happy to sell it to you. Leave a comment below.  I’m also willing to do a custom color or pattern if you are looking for that perfect bag to coordinate with your outfit.  Perfect for weddings, prom, homecoming, or a night on the town.

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