Attempting Letter Applique

This may surprise some people, but I’ve never appliqued letters onto a quilt. They are fussy, what with the need to cut out the middle parts of the letters rude enough to loop around themselves (I’m looking at you letter O).

But today I am going to do it. And do you know why? (Of course not, but stay with me.) Because I have a shiny new machine!!! I bought my sister-in-law’s Babylock machine from her. She was upgrading to a more impressive machine that probably makes Cappuccino for her and so I bought her old one.

It is a great machine and can do applique and embroidery.  I’m experimenting with the embroidery and need to tap into my ability to read instructions before I will post any pictures of my embroidery attempts.

But I got some great ideas on applique from my sister-in-law.  I added some letters to my plastic bag holder.  Tapping into my creativity, I spelled out “Bags” in two places.  Thrilling, I know.  But this is good practice for some more ambitious applique that I’ll be attempting for another quilt.

And here are some pictures!

The bag laid out flat – before sewing together.

And here is a picture of the bag all put together.

All sewn together.

I gave it to my mother.  She has always had a plethora of plastic grocery store bags lurking behind the office door; waiting for their next victim to come around the corner.  And now she has an attractive containment unit!  I have the one from my previous post in my linen closet. It’s freed up a ton of space and made it easier to get just *1* bag out instead of accidentally pulling out three and then having the beat the other two back into the closet.   These are easy to make and are perfect for the beginning quilter.

I believe I’ll be having another sale in December and these little guys will definitely be there.  (Along with the snack bags and maybe some sandwich bags!)

2 responses to “Attempting Letter Applique”

  1. love your B-A-G-S!


  2. Michelle Ruzicka Avatar
    Michelle Ruzicka

    If only it did make cappuccino. But that probably would have been an additional fee.


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