Christmas Stars Quilt

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I went from the show and leaped right into a Christmas present commission. I’ve been working on it since the 6th of December and put the finishing touches on it just this Saturday. It is a full-sized quilt of some beautiful stars.

I’m sounding like a broken record, I know, but I love it!   And here’s a close up of the detail I quilted.

And a close up of the stars themselves.

The back of the quilt is the same dark green fabric I used in the stars.   I really hope the people who ordered it like it.   See, here’s the thing about ordering quilts.  I or the client suggest an approximate pattern or look they want – in this case Christmas colors and masculine and a star pattern – and they give me some ideas about the color they want and I whip it together.  Or to sound totally pretentious, I create art.  Then I send it off to them and they mail me a check.

And I pray and pray they really like it.

I have another commission to do before the end of January, so I’ll be working on that in the meantime.  And there is a baby quilt that I have to make! (Squeeee!!!!)  Some of our most wonderful friends are having a baby. It’s a girl and so I get the absolute treat of making a quilt using purples, green, and a smattering of pink.  Woooo!

One response to “Christmas Stars Quilt”

  1. They will LOVE it! It’s beautiful.


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