Pictures from the show

Mark and his darn job again! Preventing me from downloading those show pictures! How dare they make him work late! 😉 Just kidding. He did have to work late the past few days, but last night he got right to the computer and got all the pictures downloaded.

And here they are!

People looking and buying Cate's fabulous jewelry.

This display features the jewelry made for the charity Women of Worth. It helps provide the women of Uganda with things they need to support their families.


More shopping!
Dawn's fabulous cupcakes!
Another view of the cupcakes, because I love cupcakes!
The rest of the food. It was all delicious!

As I mentioned, we were also treated to a performance by The Jewel Tones.  They sang some traditional Christmas and Hanukkah songs.   As an unexpected treat, we were also treated to some poetry!

The Jewel Tones!

You can see why I had so much fun doing the show with Cate.  I am writing down ideas for next year.  If you have ideas for a sewn item you’d like to see at the next show please let me know!  I’ll add them to my growing list.  😀


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