The Show!

The Artisan Crafts’ Show of Cate and Mindy is finished. The display is torn down and the remaining quilts are put away.

And I am pleased.

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who came to Cate’s house.  It was a pleasure to show you my quilts and help you find the perfect piece(s) of jewelry for you or for your special someone.  We are planning to hold another show next year at the same time, so please mark it on the 2011 calendars that you will surely get for a holiday present. 😉

Another big thank you to Dawn for making some simply out of this world cupcakes to serve at our show.  We were treated to Red Velvet, Carrot, and Feta/Goat Cheese cupcakes.  She bakes these delicacies for other events as well.  I’m going to get her contact info from Cate and post it here. You should call her and have her bake something for your next party.  The red velvet cupcakes were my favorites.  (I have at least 3 pictures of the cupcakes which will demonstrate to you my love of sweets and little bite size cakes.  Keep coming back to this post – there will be pictures. See the note about my new camera below.)

I sold the Crazy 8 quilt and all my cute shopping bags and one of the handbags during the day. I had a person interested in buying my Pinwheels and Ponies quilt right before the show. She allowed me to have it for sale at the show with the promise of recreating it if someone else did buy it that day. But I guess that quilt was meant for her. People complimented it and talked to me about it, but no one talked seriously about buying. So Pinwheels and Ponies did sell, but not technically at the show.

So, I have the Christmas Log Cabin quilt ($325), Autumn’s End ($110), Minnesota Hot Dish ($255), and Pinwheels ($100) still for sale. If anyone is interested just comment below.

Regardless of what sold and what didn’t it was GREAT.  Everyone was lovely and really made me feel good about the quilts.  And, of course because I’m an organization development person, I have to analyze what went well and what could go better.  My quilts were beautiful and I sold every single cute shopper bag I had.  So next time I will have more shopper bags, some different handbags that I can price a little lower, and some other smaller quilted/sewn items.  I already am brimming with ideas and want to test run some things. (Advent calendars, plastic sack dispensers, trivets, wristlet clutches….)

But there is no rest in my future!  I have a quilt that I must finish and ship off to its home before Christmas.  It needs to adorn a very special boy’s bed.  I also have a family tree quilt that I need to sketch and start.  I can feel the creative juices flowing.

As I mentioned above, I have a new camera and I’m having a few difficulties downloading my photos.  The camera is clearly smarted than I am and the memory card doesn’t seem to want to download through my printer.  Mark is at Curling right now (yes, you read right. My husband participates in the sport of Curling.)  so I need to wait until he gets home to help me (A) find the cord to download the photos directly into the computer and not through the printer and (B) make sure that my set-up is correct and I’m not actually ruining the memory card.   This will hopefully be resolved by tomorrow evening and I will have pictures of the show posted before bedtime.


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