All’s Quiet on the Quilting Front

If it seems like I’ve been quiet lately don’t be fooled.  I’ve been running, shopping,  quilting and yoga-ing up a storm here.  Just no fabric drama and no finished projects to brag on. Plenty of family drama, though…..

E, the son #1, vomited everywhere on Thursday night.  It was epic.  Every surface in the bathroom, with the exception of the inside of the toilet, had vomit on it.  Epic.

And that meant that he was home on Friday and my plans for fabric shopping and sewing had to be modified.  No biggie. He’s my son and he comes before the quilting. I just had to take a minute over coffee on Friday morning to come up with Plan B for the day.

Plan B had to include ways of keeping E and H, son #2, away from each other.  I really didn’t want 2 vomiting kids.  So, E got my laptop set up in his room with every DVD he owned next to it and he watched movies for almost the entire day.  H hung with me in the living areas.  And there was lots of hand washing.

Thankfully, H was not thrown off by E’s presence at home and he took his usual nap so E could come out of his room for awhile.  E got to play with his toys and I got to play with mine – my sewing machine!  I got a surprising amount of work done and E got to show me how much better he was feeling.  This boded well for the weekend.

And, yes, he had a great weekend. Mark took him and H to swim lessons and then to the library. Leaving me a very quiet house where I could work.

Quilting is a lot of preparation and staging. You wash the fabric, then iron it, then cut it, and then you finally get to sew. And there is more ironing between the sewing.  Layering it and quilting it is a whole ‘nother job.  Lots of quilters just stop with the tops and create a bunch of UFOs (UnFinished Objects).

This weekend because of the quiet, quiet house I pretty much sewed and quilted and shopped the entire time.   As a result I’ve got two finished tops sitting here ready to be layered.   I’ve decided that I’m going to back my Christmas Log Cabin quilt with flannel to make it extra cozy.  And my Autumn quilt is just about to get a pattern drawn on it and then assembled for quilting.  The way my day is going so far, my Autumn quilt will be the project I work on today.

I’ve got two weeks left. Just 2 weeks.  I think I can… I think I can… I think I can…

And there will be pictures posted soon. Promise!

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