First and Ten with Yardage

I’m in the home stretch for my quilting show – at First and Ten with the End Zone in sight.   By next week I’ll be at First and Goal; hammering my way in to score.

Getting ready for this show has really gotten me to use a lot of my fabric stash. I’ve gone through yards and yards of fabric that I had purchase for a “someday” quilt. I’ve also had to purchase a lot of fabric.  In fact, I’ve bought so much that I’m supporting my local fabric store singlehandedly. They’re going to name a wing after me.

I was just at the fabric shop on Monday and spent $250 and I’m going to have to go back today or tomorrow. I need another 1.5 yards to make a back for my Autumn quilt and then I need to buy more fabric for a (commissioned) baby quilt. And then some border fabrics for my new Log Cabin Christmas quilt. And the batting.  And the backing. I’m going to need 8 more yards of backing. In football terms, that’s almost a First Down.

Jeez, that is a lot of fabric.

But, thankfully, these are all for quilts that either are or will be sold.  I’m not going to getting much for my time. I’m selling them just to be able to afford my next quilting project.

I am enjoying myself immensely.  I’ve been feeling very creative and fulfilled. Blogging about all my projects and sharing them is also very enjoyable.  I’m glad a lot of you in the inter-web are liking my stuff.  I appreciate all your comments and emails.  Thank you.

Now, back to work.

One response to “First and Ten with Yardage”

  1. Cute post title! And your quilts will sell-they are awesome.


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