Time Marches Ever Closer (or why I’m glad husband has the day off)

December 4th is getting rapidly, exponentially closer. (Did I mention I’m having a joint show? Did I?) I’m trying to really put the pedal to the metal and knock out as many sewn items as I can.

I usually have a limited amount of time to work during the day because I have an 18 month old boy at home and a 5 year old that comes home from kindergarten at 3pm every day.  I tend to work during nap time and then after dinner. That gives me 4 or 5 hours a day.  And usually that is fine.

Except for this month. I need about 10 hours a day if I am to get everything done by December 4th.  So, I’ll be waking up at 5am from now on and doing cutting and pressing and possibly some very quiet sewing until they get up and/or my husband has to get ready for work.

Today is a blessed day. It is Veteran’s Day. I have lots of friends and quite a few relations who decided to put their country before themselves. They joined various military branches and they served in Viet Nam, The Gulf,  Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries that we are not yet currently at war with.  A few died and I honor their sacrifice. A few lived and I’m glad they are here to tell me all about what serving was like and what the military means to them.

Because my husband works for the government he gets the day off. And that, my friends, is really saving my bacon right now.  He is home to watch the kids for me, run my normal errands, and do some long needed de-crapifying of the shop area.  (Part of which may become a little studio area for me! But more on that in future months.)

And today, because I have a wonderful partner in life who will take the day to be with his children,  I finished another one of my cute, cute, cute shopping bags.

I really like the colors on this one.  Bright and fun.  Perfect for shopping.

I also put the finishing touches on a nice Christmas quilt and I’d been working on before I decided to do the show.

I used a window pane pattern and framed up some snowman fabric with some festive red, white, and green fabrics. And because I believe that how the back looks is at least as important as the front, I used a very nice holly berry fabric.  I think it’s a pretty and cozy lap  quilt for the holidays.

And now back to the salt – er – quilting mines to put that second clutch together and cut the fabric for a third.

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