In the Clutch

Remember my last post filled with the fabric I cut up for some clutch purses?  Well, I got one of them all sewn up and finished.  And a big, huge thank you to Cate Frazier-Neely for giving me one of her old brooches to decorate the clasp.


I used a magnetic snap as the closure. I was surprised the charmeuse was strong enough to handle the weight, but it’s doing a great job.  And I reinforced the clasp with some sturdy cardboard.

Since the magnetic snap has worked so well, I’m going to have to put off finishing my second bag until I go and buy another.  The pattern I was using called for Velcro, but I thought that would look tacky with the fabric and not really hold up to repeated openings.  I only bought the one to experiment with, just in case the pattern was actually correct and it needed to have Velcro.  I’ll post pictures of the second (and possibly third) bag when I finish them.

I think I’m in love.  It’s big enough to carry my wallet, sunglasses, keys, and still have room for snacks, tissues, and toy race cars.  Or a couple of diapers and a thin pack of wipes.  I could toss it into my shopping bag and look chic taking it out instead of hunting around in my bag for my money.

This beauty will be for sale at our Artisans Crafts’ Show on December 4th.

And for this bag I may also take some orders.



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