Back in the Saddle, Again.

After a weekend of rest and no work I am back to quilting. I’ve layered a baby/lap quilt together, pinned it, and I’m getting it stretched in a hoop and I’m hand quilting some designs. Now, I hate hand quilting. I would rather machine quilt, but I’m not for 2 reasons. 1) My sewing machine is in the shop getting serviced and 2) I’m sewing around some very curvy applique and the stitching needs to be precise. I’m not very happy about this, but it needs to be done, so there you go.  On the up side, I can do this while watching NetFlix Instant play so that makes me happy. So far I’ve queued up the Mythbusters collections.

I love the Mythbusters. I’ve watched them whenever I have been around a TV that has cable.  For those of you who have not watched, the premise is these two guys, Jamie and Adam, use science to determine if an urban legend or other myth is true.  For example, they have made a lead balloon fly, they recreated the Alcatraz prisoner escape (proving the inmates could have made it to the Marin headlands), and they have tested Archimedes’ death ray (that one didn’t quite work out).   They use scientific method and they make it fun. And there are explosions and who doesn’t like explosions.

And there is the feeling in the pit of my stomach that with E and H  I should be prepared for explosions and brush up on chemical reactions and the laws of physics.  Not to mention re-certify in First Aid.

But I digress.

I’m very excited about this quilt, which is why I’m even tolerating hand quilting. I’m looking at it as a prototype for a baby quilt for a friend.  Once they find out the sex I’ll be able to buy my fabric and get moving.  That will be after the New Year, which fits in perfectly with my time line.  The show is just 33 days away. I’ve got a quilt to finish, a quilt to start and finish, and 4 bags to complete.  OMG.  That is a lot.  But I think I can do it.  I’ll need to wake up extra early and go to bed extra late a few night, but who needs sleep, right?

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