Yoga Retreat

I’m off today to attend a weekend-long yoga retreat. I love yoga. I practice Anasura Yoga. It’s not just how you can bend yourself into a pretzel. It focuses on strength and flexibility along with proper alignment.

I have done a lot of different athletics in my life and I think yoga come closest to weight training and swimming. It’s total body and mind. I find it extremely hard, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

From 5pm today until 2pm on Sunday I will be in a beautiful location meditating and practicing yoga with my teacher, Lucy Lomax, and with a whole huge group of other aspiring yoginis.

I’m tempted to bring some hand quilting along with me, but I’m also considering just giving myself an honest 2 day break from it. No quilting, no children, no husband. Just yoga and me.

It’s scary to put all that aside when kids and sewing are 90% of my focus right now. The kids are home with me and I’m sewing, sewing, sewing to get ready for an artisan crafts’ show on December 4th.

But maybe I need some rejuvenation. Fall is clearly here. The Wheel is turning and it’s time to start embracing the peaceful and thoughtful aspects of the year. It’s a time for remembering and introspection.

Yes, this is the perfect time for a retreat.

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