Over Scheduled

Over Scheduled – a noun. Meaning to plan so many activities, usually without a calendar in hand to check the current schedule, that one cannot possibly make it on time to each activity, creating stress and aggravation for all involved.

I don’t know how I do it, but I always managed to accidentally schedule all of the things I have to do in a week on not only the same day, but the same part of the day. This week I’ve managed to schedule a doctor appointment for H just 1 hour before his first-ever swimming lesson.  I mean, I have the whole week and I can spread out the activities without any problem really, but I still ended up scheduling a doctor’s appointment to happen right before a swimming lesson.

Doctor’s appointments are never, ever on time. I am slightly (probably foolishly) hopeful that since we are the second appointment of the day that we will be in, get the test done, and get out with enough time to drive the 30 minutes to the pool, get changed, and get in the water.

For some reason I just really, really want to take him swimming.  Okay, I know exactly the reason. It’s because I’ve already paid for the lesson and I hate wasting money.  Plus he is really, really funny when we are swimming.  And, as an added bonus, he will sleep like a little log during nap time.

You know what would solve this? Not me bringing a scheduling calendar along so I actually know what I’m doing, but more funding for NASA so they can develop teleportation technology. We all need this. Think of the fuel savings! The elimination of rush hour traffic! No one will be late again!

Hey! It could happen!  In the meantime, I’ll buy myself a small calendar to put in my purse.

And then promptly forget it at home.

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