The First Rule of Book Submission is You Don’t Talk about Book Submission

I won't be able to talk much about my book situation right now. No matter where I actually am in the process of getting a deal, my book is still "Under Submission" to editors until a contract is signed and Publisher's Weekly has made the announcement of the deal. Submissions themselves can take anywhere from … Continue reading The First Rule of Book Submission is You Don’t Talk about Book Submission

Under Submission

That's a weird term, "Under Submission." Under = In an existent state of. Submission = Consideration or Judgement. There's a nebulous quality to that phrase that can't quit convey how emotionally fraught it is to be "Under Submission." To be "Under Submission" means your agent wrote a pitch (essentially a much better written query) and … Continue reading Under Submission


Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children of All Ages, I had The Call with a real, live agent If you’ve ever wanted to publish or have a loved one who is an author with aspirations you know how important The Call is. The Call, spoken with a hushed reverence, is the moment an agent offers to represent … Continue reading Agented!

The Myth of Success

Recently, foodie influencer Alison Roman gave an interview to The New Consumer that can only be described as a “shit show.” While talking about her own Zen-like journey into fame, she performed an epic racially tone-deaf (I’m being kind) take down of Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo, calling them sellouts while she remains pure as … Continue reading The Myth of Success